Ideal Morning routine

Hope it’ll work 😀

03.30 – 04.15
* Wake up!
* make Dua(s) for waking up & recite last 10 verses of surah Al-Imran
* Tahajjud & witr
* Istighfar moments
* Al-Mathurat

* Fajr Athan, between Athan & iqama pray 2 rak’ahs sunnah of fajr.
The two rak’ahs before the dawn (fajr) prayer are better than it contains. (Riyad-u-Saliheen, Hadith :1102)
* Prime tie to make du’a
* Lie on your right side till the Mu’addhin come to pronounce Iqama
* Quran memorization
* Fajr Salat & Dhikr

* Quran memorization/recitation
* Asmaul Husna
* Brainstorm session

* Reading / Exercise
* walking in the earth

* Plan your day
* Get ready for work

* Breakfast

* Commute to work (all energized and happy!)

07.30-08.00 (at the office)
* Duha prayers
…the Messanger of Allah (peace and blessing be upon him) say: “Allah Most High says: O child of Adam, don’t fail to perform four rakahs in the beginning of your day, and I shall be your sufficiency at its end.”
(Abu Dawud[1289] and Tirmidhi[475])


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